Product photography for Surrey glass studio artist Adam Aaronson.


Adams coveted expertly crafted glass works capture the energy and essence of the beautiful landscapes, light, nature and masters that inspire his designs. Using relevant props and a location rich in craftmanship, I created individually themed sets, to highlight this inspiration, and to showcase the five unique collections within.



"I worked with Suzannah to organise a photoshoot for my lovely client, glass artist Adam Aaronson. Suzannah’s eye, styling and execution are phenomenal... We’re now using the images for a dedicated Xmas ads campaign for Adam’s glass art. Unsurprisingly the ads have been getting a 5% ‘click through rate’ (to cold audiences - if you know about ads, you’ll know that’s pretty darned good). Thrilled with the outcome!"

Paula Gilbert, Founder of Garden Shed Marketing



The images are used on the website, for advertising and social media posts.

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