Pin sharp, studio lit product photography, clean or in context.

Really clear product photography is essential if you are selling online. Quite simply, better product images make it easier for people to buy from you.

High quality product images will show your product in all its detail, and from many angles. This allows customers to build up a true picture in their minds, and imagine themselves touching, holding and enjoying your product.

My product photography shoots will often include a combination of hero images in context locations or purpose built sets, and super-clean product shots with zero distractions.




I will use a range of technical skills to create high-impact images with a style that works for your brand.  For example, factors such as studio versus natural light or lifestyle versus styled sets will make a big difference to the end result. 

The message we want to communicate to your audience is always kept top of mind, so your images will be both high-quality and effective.




These images allow your customers to see your products clearly and without distractions. Items are photographed on a minimal background and lit to show the product clearly, realistically and in great detail.

I use studio lighting to create super-sharp, high quality images that make you want to reach out and touch the subject.  These images are often used on a website with a zoom function or close up crop, so the expert pixel-level retouching will tweak every tiny detail to perfection.




Allow your customers to view every angle of your product, and to interact with it in their own environment through augmented reality (AR) using laptops and phones. 

These 3D models, created from high quality photography, are AR ready and can be viewed by web browsers. Additionally, they can be adapted to illustrate products in various colours, without the need to actually make them in real life.



"Suzannah is amazing to work with, she has every aspect covered, all the little things you don’t think of! Her photography truly captures the essence of the subject."

Suzanne Mills, Founder of Suzanne Mills Cakes




I’ll work closely with you from the start as I develop a creative concept for your shoot.  I can work with an established brand style, or help you develop one that will move your brand forward. 

Careful planning ensures a clear picture of exactly what result you want to achieve, so that everything runs like clockwork on the shoot and ultimately you get the images you need.

I personally manage the whole process from conception to delivery, meaning I have a full understanding of your brand objectives and can deliver your images at their absolute best.

Please contact me for rates and to discuss your particular requirements.



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Every image I produce is retouched and enhanced at pixel level.







"Suzannah came back with the most breathtaking visual concept - I was simply blown away!

Clair Craven, Founder of Hello Clair Marketing

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