Suzannah Ginders Photography


Website product photography for luxury Surrey faux flower brand.

Surrey based Fleur Real is a premium faux flower brand with seven interior colour scheme inspired collections, designed specifically for the interior design market. Each of the seven colour collections were photographed contextually in individual interior sets; these sets were carefully constructed to compliment and accentuate each theme.


In addition to the styled interior shots, every item was showcased with a pin-sharp studio lit product shot. These images showcase the unbelievably realistic quality of the faux flowers used in the bouquets. Fleur Real have maximised the potential of these images with a zoomed crop on the individual item purchase pages, enabling the products to be studied in great detail. ⁣⁣


The images are used on the website, for advertising and social media posts. Website launching soon, for now head to @fleurrealuk on instagram.

Please contact me for rates and to discuss your particular requirements.
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