Associate Accreditation

These beautifully presented certificates arrived this morning, confirming the renewal of my professional Associate qualification, placing me in the top 10% of practitioners. Time to celebrate!

So, it is official! I am a registered member of the SICIP (Society of International Commercial & Industrial Photographers) and have been accredited with an Associateship ABPPA (Associate of the British Professional Photographers Associates). 

The Societies have a strict code of ethics and assessment that is rigidly enforced to ensure the consumer is not only hiring a highly talented photographer, but also one with impeccable business practices. 

All organisations that represent working photographers in the UK have virtually identical structures in their qualifications systems.

A little quote from The Societies of Photographers regarding their Associates;

At this standard, we are viewing images that not only display a high degree of technical ability, but also portray imagination and creativity in execution and presentation. These are important factors that often go hand in hand with higher prices as this qualification is held by the top 10% of practitioners, who coincidentally are often impressive image-makers and astute businessmen.”

It’s really great to be on board with such a prestigious organisation that takes the quality of photography being put out into the world as seriously as I do. 

If you would like to discuss booking a commission for high quality, rich, vibrant and creatively inspired commercial photography, please get in touch

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