Conceptual Business Branding Photography - Featured Shoot

Following on from my last post where I talked about the preparation involved in business branding photography, and Surrey based web designer Sam of Grey Star Digital shared her experience of the branding process we went through prior to her shoot. 

As promised, I am now very excited, to share this beautiful concept based branded photography project. 


I connect with my clients and they connect with their market. 

Working closely with Sam, we spent time exploring and defining her brand before we embarked upon creating a set of images to match. Often neglected in businesses old and new, the first port of call for any content production including branded photography is to ensure you have a clearly defined brand. The more definitive and developed you are in this process the more unique and tailored your content can be. This is the difference between images that look like everyone else’s and ones that are fully tailored, unique to your business and communicate your brand effectively. 

The ability to connect with your audience through your images requires extensive analysis and careful consideration of the semiotics involved. Using this consideration, teamed with creativity and commercial awareness, I developed and styled this visual concept for the business, inspired by the brand. 

Various images were constructed to represent the many aspects of the business and in the centre of it all, this massive concept flat lay. Now in pride of place on the opening page of the website, the idea for this image was inspired by Grey Star Digital’s primary mission; to get small businesses online. 

Deconstructed in its most literal form, what Grey Star Digital does is bring something from the real world into the online world; this fact was intrinsic in the development of the idea. 

Meticulously constructed to highlight the specific USPs and offering with specific appeal to Sams target market; the image communicates this concept by depicting a webpage layout made up of physical elements, serving to highlight the real / online world crossover.

The gallery of images will be used for publicity, marketing materials, social media, online profiles and blog posts; creating a consistent feel across all the businesses communications. 

Sam used her extensive web design skills to build a site that utilises the images properly, in a style that compliments the brand and chosen colour palette. Known for her work showcasing businesses to their full potential, I would highly recommend Grey Star Digital.

Here is what Sam had to say about her new website:

“With my new branding photography by the super talented Suzannah Ginders, I feel like this new site now reflects where I am with my business.”

If you are ready to begin the process of building your very own unique body of business branded images, get in touch. I would love to be part of the journey. All my quotes are final and full. There are no hidden costs to be added after the shoot so you can plan your marketing budget with confidence. Let the creativity begin! 

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