Framing a Brand; The Eternal Evolution

The new year, new start, has been in full swing, so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and share some thoughts and tips about evaluating your business. 

When working with brands to devise the plan for their communication through photography, whatever way it is approached, in the end it always comes down to reaching into the core of the business. It’s the same for businesses old and new, large and small; putting in the groundwork to understand and articulate that core is the launchpad from which I work. All my projects start with a talk followed by my carefully constructed questionnaire, these are the questions that set the wheels in motion. 

Taking the time to think about your business from the ground up, is an essential foundation for any brand developments you make. From the way you interact with your audience, to the look and feel of the brand; it is vital to be focused. This is often particularly hard to do at the start of a business venture, as you are basing much of your aim on an educated guess. It is always worth taking the time to develop a brand identity in those early days, however, it will evolve with you as you live it and your business emerges. I find many of my clients come to me a couple of years down the line, at a crossroads. They know they need to make a move, but do not know where to begin, especially when hampered by being in the thick of it. This is the perfect time to really pin down a plan, in order to identify and push forward with the areas that are profitable and fulfilling.

A good starting point is to work through all aspects of your business and marketing plan again. This helps provide some clarity and to review what has changed. Lots of ground breaking realisations can inadvertently occur when you ask that seemingly simple question:


If you are looking to go through this process of evaluation and need help, please do get in touch. I am always happy to offer guidance, and through my commercial photography, I also have an amazing network of marketing specialists and creative agencies throughout Surrey, Hampshire, West Sussex and beyond that cater for a variety of business sectors; I am sure to know one who would be a perfect fit.

The scope to communicate with your market though imagery is vast. The more specific and refined you can be, the more likely you are to connect with your audience, and to get the most out of all the creatives you brief. I work closely with my clients to develop an understanding of the business and act as a visual bridge between brand and market; herein lies the magic of the connection I have with my clients.


My work is VERY bespoke; this is especially apparent in my concept based branding photography. I work with businesses directly, and agencies for their clients, to develop a style for the imagery that is distinctive and inspired by the brand. I don’t treat my shoots like a one size fits all; each of my shoots are highly stylised and very different as every business is unique.

To see my clients standing out in a busy marketplace with images that truly represent the brand is a beautiful thing. I hope these words set off a little spark in you to push your business to the next level in 2019. I am very much looking forward to an exciting year ahead, creating images that will give my clients the edge. If you would like to be one of those clients do get in touch.


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